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Since it was built, "Villa Ferrari", formerly known as the "Palazzo", is a happy place. Located in the town of Gussola, it is a stone's throw from Casalmaggiore, the smugglers' town where Fabrizio del Dongo, the hero of the "Certosa di Parma", took refuge, pursued by the guards of Ranuccio Farnese; from Sabbioneta, the fortified town of Vaspasiano Gonzaga; from Colorno, "the little Versaille" of the Bourbons. Geographically, it is at the centre of a triangle of cities among the most beautiful in Italy: Parma, Mantua and Cremona, which is the provincial capital of Gussola.Its happiness is the green in which she is immersed. A sumptuous green, of very fertile land where every plant, every flower, every herb becomes like the paradox of itself for ease of growth, the intensity of colours. The Po flows close by, just eight kilometres away. On summer evenings, when the silence is broken only by the singing of the frogs, their distant breath is heard. A slow and solemn breath, like the ample flow of the largest river in Italy.

The history of Villa Ferrari is reflected through the three families and individual different owners who have succeeded each other over the centuries, from its construction, presumably commissioned by Count Ludovico Magio between the end of the 16th and the beginning of the 17th century, up to the present day.From what emerged through careful archival research, the Villa, or so called "Palazzo", before Giuseppe Ferrari bought it in 1887 from the Marquis Alessandro Trecchi and his aunt Teresa Trecchi Araldi Erizzo, had been the home of a holiday resort and the patronal house of one of the oldest families of the Cremonese nobility, the Magio Counts. The Villa and the vast patrimony it belonged to, passed ownership, by female succession line, in 1830, to another very important noble family of Cremona, precisely the Marquises Trecchi.


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